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Urgent Care in White Plains Offers COVID-19 Testing Aimed Toward Immigrant Community

Urgent Care in White Plains Offers COVID-19 Testing Aimed Toward Immigrant Community

Source: News 12 | The Bonx

Formé Medical Center & Urgent Care in White Plains is now providing walk-in COVID-19 testing focused on the immigrant community.

“We are doing it out of the necessity we see and no one is taking action,” says Maria Trusa, a partner in the medical group. “We decided to take this into our own hands because we are seeing this community suffer.”

Trusa says they are focusing their services on the immigrant community in particular because the need is so great.

“It’s important because this community is not getting tested and many don’t understand that they have the virus,” says Trusa.

Anyone interested in a test needs to call ahead. Once an appointment is made, the test only takes about five minutes. The health center is also offering antibodies testing for those who think they may have previously had COVID-19.

“This provides some assurance of clarity … I believe I have some immunity,” says Antonio Martinez, of Ossining.
Gina Capellin is the founder of the center – she herself is just recovering from COVID-19.

“I want to make sure everyone is knowledgeable and understand how to protect themselves and their families and do what they can to stay safe,” says Capellin.

Tests cost $25 because it is a private health care facility. Antibody testing costs $100. That fee is waived for people with health insurance. Test results could take one to two days.

The new facility opens at 8 a.m. by appointment only. Patients can call 914-723-4900 to schedule an appointment.

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