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How to prevent a heart attack?

How to prevent a heart attack?

Heart disease is the World’s No. #1 cause of death. Between 80% and 90% of heart attacks are preventable.

A heart attack is the death of the cellular tissues that make up the heart due to a lack of blood, usually generated by the appearance of clots that block blood supply to the heart.

As a silent disease, it is essential to adopt a lifestyle that reduces the risk, since in large part the risk factors such as obesity, alcoholism and smoking are modifiable.

Therefore, at Formé, we recommend that in addition to regular medical checkups from the age of 35, you implement the following tips to help you lead a healthy life and prevent cardiovascular events in adult life:

  1. Healthy Eating

    A healthy diet is critical to overall health. Eat fruits and vegetables on a regular basis along with whole grains and lean meats. Control salt and sugar intake because in addition to being related to heart disease, they are responsible for other diseases such as kidney deterioration and diabetes, respectively.

  1. Smoking

    Regardless of how it is consumed, tobacco has been proven to be highly harmful to health. Even if it is under passive exposure, it can increase the chances of heart attacks and strokes by 50%.

  1. Alcoholism

    Abusive consumption of alcoholic beverages raises the risk of cardiovascular disease, even in people who have no family history or other risk factors.

  1. Periodic Checks

    Prevention is one of the most important tools. Not only in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases but health in general. Regular general checkups can identify particular risk factors for each patient and determine the guidelines to follow for their control.

  1. Physical Activity

    Practicing between 30 minutes and 1 hour of exercise a day can help the proper functioning of the cardiovascular system, maintain muscle mass and a normal weight.

These are the most common recommendations. However, you can also:

Remember that at Formé Medical Center, we have a team of specialists prepared for preventive care for the vulnerable population, undocumented immigrant community or uninsured population.

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